Wood Flooring Poole

There are many types of wooden flooring available to choose from such as solid floors, floating floors, laminate floors, hardwood floors, parquet floors, timber floors or veneer floors. Not only is it hard to choose your wood flooring, but also your wood flooring Poole company. Here at Peter Newman Flooring, we are here to help you with all your wooden flooring needs as your local wooden floor specialists. Call us on 01202 672222 for more information.

The Number one Wood Flooring Poole Expert

Whether you’re looking for commercial wooden flooring or simply wanting to renovate the wooden flooring within your domestic property, it can be a stressful time. Not only do you need to decide what type of wood flooring you’re after, but you also need to decide on a wood flooring Poole company that can provide you with the best wooden flooring available. 

Peter Newman Flooring is the wooden floor specialists that can provide you with premium wood floors for any type of room or building. With over 50 years of knowledge within the flooring industry, we use the latest methods to apply cutting-edge flooring solutions to all our happy customers within Poole and Dorset.

We have a superb range of wooden flooring for you to choose from; to view this range simply pop into our showroom in Poole where you can see the highest-quality wood flooring with your own eyes. One of our experts can help you find the perfect flooring for your exact needs regardless of your budget. Choosing Peter Newman flooring as your flooring specialists will give you access to the number one wood flooring Poole company and we can ensure that you won’t be disappointed with any aspect of our services. 

Choosing Your Wooden Flooring in Poole

Now you’ve got the best wood flooring Poole company, it’s time to choose the wooden flooring that meets all your needs. There are many types of styles and finishes of wood flooring, however, you need to decide whether you want solid or engineered wood flooring. 

Solid wood flooring is one of the worlds most versatile floorings great for any kind of home. This flooring has natural beauty, along with providing flooring that is long lasting, stain resistant (including wine!), warm to the touch, easy to clean, hygienic and is especially good for keeping dust at bay for those allergy sufferers. Solid flooring can be made up of wood such as oak, walnut, pine, maple and beech.

Solid wooden flooring can be tricky to install for many installers, which is why you need a wood flooring Poole company that can undertake this task and ensure that the solid wooden flooring is flawlessly installed. 

Engineered wood flooring is a great choice if you want a strong wooden flooring that is suitable for underfloor heating systems. What makes engineered flooring so strong is the thickness of the layer on top which can range from 1mm to 6mm in thickness. Peter Newman Flooring can provide your engineered wood flooring in oak, walnut, ash and a selection of exotic hardwoods. We can offer you a wide selection of coloured oils and finishes to ensure you get the perfect look that complements your style.

Design, Supply and Installation of Wood Flooring in Poole

Peter Newman is here to help with all your wood flooring needs. Once you’ve got a good idea of what wooden flooring you’re after, all you need to do is call up the number one wood flooring Poole company and begin the process. Peter Newman Flooring will exceed all your wildest expectations when we present you with wooden flooring recommendations dependent on your needs. Once you’ve chosen your wooden flooring, we will measure, estimate and provide you will a free no obligation quote for the full project of your wooden flooring. 

Once the installation is underway, you won’t be disappointed with the expert craftsmanship that Peter Newman Flooring will deliver. 

Contacting The Best Wood Flooring Poole Company

To get in touch with a well-reputed, distinguished wood flooring Poole company, then look no further than Peter Newman Flooring. We will ensure that you get the wooden flooring of your dreams in addition to providing you with a customer service that is second to none. Call us on 01202 672222 for any assistance on all your flooring needs.

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