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Businesses also have building spaces that need to be furnished with the appropriate type of flooring. The type of flooring is important as it can affect how people work, their safety and the impression the company gives clients and customers. At Peter Newman Flooring we know it is not always easy to determine what type of flooring is best for your commercial space so have created this guide on the different types of commercial flooring available to help you decide.

Deciding Which Floor Works for your Commercial Property

Any company looking for new flooring options should ask itself some questions in order to help narrow down what flooring is appropriate. Here are the essential questions to think about before purchasing new commercial flooring:

  1. Where is the flooring going to be placed?
  2. Will this area be used by customers, staff or both?
  3. What impression are you trying to give?
  4. How practical should your flooring be, e.g. easy to clean?
  5. Will different areas of the commercial space need different floor types?
  6. Do you need a floor that will stand the test of time and maintain its appearance?
  7. What is your budget?

Using these questions to guide your requirements for flooring for your commercial space will help your decision become clear. The six main commercial flooring types are carpet, vinyl, laminate, carpet tile, wood or luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), and your answers to the above questions will help you decide which one is best for you.  

Carpets for Commercial Spaces

Carpets may benefit an office, especially in the winter months. Keeping workers feeling warmer in the office can increase productivity. However, carpets in high footfall areas can wear out quickly and become wet and sodden. Additionally, they may not be as practical to clean in a large footfall commercial space. Furthermore, carpets can trap allergens in the fibres of the material which can cause people to become uncomfortable in work environments and reduce employee’s ability to work, making them unsuitable for commercial spaces with a large amount of debris, such as manufacturing industries. If allergies are a worry for you then carpets may not be the best option. 

However, carpets are relatively easy to clean and maintain in commercial spaces with less footfall and will help insulate your commercial space reducing energy bills. If your business involves liquid keep in mind the colour of the carpet as stains are more difficult to remove and can create an unprofessional impression to customers.

Carpet Tiles

If you are looking for more carpet options when installing commercial flooring, then carpet tiles offer easier installation and a variety of patterns. This versatility can help make a commercial area look exactly the way you picture it and reflect your business accurately. The tile design makes the carpet easy to install and the adhesive used help the tiles stay in place for a long time. This durability is added to as the carpet tiles are harder to unravel. However if the tiles are not installed correctly it is easy to tell and creates an unprofessional look, which can negatively impact your business therefore getting your carpet installed by experts is essential.

Wood Flooring

If you’re looking to make an impact in a commercial space then hardwood flooring may be perfect to do this. When people see the wood flooring it will make a great impression, however, due to the cleaning and maintenance requirements it may not be a practical choice for large areas. A solid wood flooring is hardwearing which is great for a commercial area that has a high footfall such as stores or meeting spaces. Keep in mind that wood requires maintenance to keep it looking as good as new.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring may be the perfect choice for your commercial areas as it can suit many different styles whilst being able to cope with a large footfall. It is more practical for businesses as cleaners will be able to sweep and mop it easily. Laminate flooring does not trap pollen or other allergens as much as carpet therefore it can be better for those who suffer from allergies or a large work area with many people in one place. The great thing about laminate flooring is that it can imitate other floor types such as solid wood flooring. This means you can create an impactful look with an easy to maintain material.

Vinyl Flooring

For many companies an important factor when furnishing a commercial area with new flooring is its durability. Vinyl flooring is extremely durable as well as easy to replace therefore offers great value. The way the vinyl is installed means that if one tile becomes damaged it is simple to remove the damaged tile and replace it with another. Vinyl flooring will eventually wear down and therefore it may not be appropriate for high footfall areas. It can also become lifted at the edges if the glue becomes loose, leading to an unprofessional look. However, the cost and ease of installation makes a great cost-effective floor material for many businesses.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

For companies looking for a more luxurious look then luxury vinyl tiles can be a better choice. It can offer the look of natural material such as marble with the benefits of a hard surface flooring made of 100% vinyl. This material has a clear layer over the top of it which helps to maintain the print of the tile. Because of this protective layer luxury vinyl tiles cost less to maintain which is an added benefit for commercial areas with high foot fall.

Commercial Flooring at Peter Newman Flooring

For your commercial flooring needs look no further than Peter Newman Flooring. We can offer a full flooring service from design, supply, installation and after-sales care to insure your get the best new flooring for your commercial property with no stress and hassle.

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