Hardwood and Carpet: The Choice

Torn between that soft warm carpet and that stylish hard floor? Choosing a floor for that one special room or a revamp of the entire house is difficult, we understand that and we’re here to help! We have some pointers that might help you decide a little easier, both have some great positives and some negatives but hopefully by the end you can make a comfortable decision.

Hardwood VS Carpet


There are so many types of carpets with their own softness and style it’s already hard to choose from all the different types but don’t let that put you off!Hardwood and Carpet: The Choice


A thick carpet can feel so great on weary feet that have been busy all day as well as really comfortable to stand on when you have to stand a while in your own home as it takes pressure off your feet, ankles and knees!

However, over time the floor slowly gets less soft unless you take care of them really well which can be difficult.


Carpets serves as a great insulation for the heat, unsurprisingly a thicker carpet creates better insulation, so those rooms can be toastier. Not only the carpet though, the under pad beneath the carpet is also a great insulator which can potentially bring down the cost of heating your home!


Carpet is great for young children, the elderly and people with mobility issues as it helps decrease the impact damage after falling over. You can get thick padding underneath the carpet that also decreases it further.

Tufts or curled up carpet however, can cause a lot of trips and falls and this happens a lot by doors and by animals digging at the floor.

Less expensive

Economically carpets are usually much cheaper than hardwoods to buy and install. If you want the same quality as when you first got it, you would have to replace them every few years which (depending on the quality of the carpet) would then equal hardwood flooring.


Unlike wood floors carpets don’t carry sound throughout the house and are great sound absorbers, so are great to use in rooms dedicated to music or in hallways as people rush up and down them.

Appearance and style

You can fully customise and style a room using carpets adding patterns or images that can fully compliment any design.

The more complex or plush (or both) you want, the more expensive it becomes and runs a risk of getting more expensive than hardwoods options. If a spillage happens too, there is a high likelihood for the carpet to become permanently stained which isn’t good especially with a lighter coloured carpet.


Carpets are good, but so is laminated flooring not only can it be as stylish it can also be more hygienic and have a longer life.Hardwood and Carpet: The Choice


You can clean laminated flooring much easier than carpets and don’t need as much maintenance to keep them looking new since you can just mop them.

The only problem is if it’s not installed well and has gaps then moisture can seep though and cause swelling or warping in the wood making it unlevelled.


A lot of homes have laminated flooring for their entranceways just because its so durable and lasts a long time (not to mention muddy shoes can just be cleaned up easily) along with a protective layer it can last years before anything noticeable becomes aware.

However, when it does become a noticeable problem it can cause issues such as becoming a lot more slippery or causing floor dips.


Like carpet, it can in fact suit most styles because of its very natural wood look, even with a shiny protective layer! You also have the choice of putting own a rug if you’re missing that soft feeling.

Environmentally friendly

Some planks used in laminated flooring are made of sustainable pine trees and some are even made from old wood waste that would otherwise be chucked into landfill, thus being environmentally friendly. The flooring creates a natural looking floor that doesn’t cause deforestation and endangerment of animals that use those trees for homes.


For those who suffer from allergies especially dust, laminated flooring can really help combat that since it can be easily removed with a simple vacuum or wipe down. It also decreases the number of dust mites since, like before, they can be easily removed with a mop, dust or vacuum.

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