Commercial Flooring

When choosing commercial flooring, you need to consider important factors such as performance, installation, suitability and durability to ensure you project a professional and modern appearance that can withstand high footfall within a commercial building. Here at Peter Newman Flooring, we pride ourselves in offering commercial flooring and installation from the world’s leading brands. Call us on 01202 672222 to receive your free no obligation quote for your commercial flooring project.

Commercial Flooring at Peter Newman Flooring

Commercial flooring is going to experience heavy foot traffic, which is why it needs to be strong, durable, suitable and provide a safe environment for the public to be in. Here at Peter Newman Flooring, we pride ourselves on our versatility and can offer:

What’s great about the commercial flooring on offer with us, is that you’re not restricted to one type or one brand; we have many different world leading brands available providing a large range of styles and colours to suit all individual needs. 

Commercial Sectors with Peter Newman Flooring

Peter Newman are specialist commercial flooring contractors and can provide commercial flooring for a broad range of sectors including the following:

  • Retail
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Centres
  • Restaurants
  • Recreational and Entertainment Centres
  • Fitness Centres and Clubs
  • Community Centres
  • Transport Facilities
  • Commercial Service Centres
  • Industrial Places
  • More

If your building type is not listed, then do not hesitate to ask as we can provide flooring for any and all commercial premises. 

Why Choose Peter Newman Flooring for your Commercial Flooring?

Working with Peter Newman Flooring for your commercial flooring solution means that you’ll benefit from exceptional service with an outstanding quality of flooring. With nearly 40 years in business, Peter Newman Flooring has all the experience and skills necessary to provide the perfect commercial flooring for any premise. We have a broad range of collections and designs to meet the needs of any customer. Not only do we supply the best commercial flooring the UK has available, but we can offer all our customers with design and installation services too. 

Whatever you want your commercial flooring to achieve, Peter Newman Flooring can help you reach your goal. 

Choosing the right Commercial Flooring 

Price of flooring is important, but the initial cost of a flooring option can be deceptive. A cheaper floor can cost more in the long-term as replacing a failed or worn floor is expensive and disrupts workflow, having a massive impact on productivity; therefore, if you have the budget available, you should always go for high-quality flooring. Always consider your needs and legal requirements of your business and premise to help you choose your commercial flooring.

  • Noise – Many commercial buildings have a legal noise limit that they cannot exceed and the clattering of wheels in supermarkets and heavy forklifts moving goods on the wrong flooring could prove to be very noisy. Think about what noise levels you’re going to generate and if you need to minimise this with your floor type.
  • Foot traffic – You need to consider what sort of traffic your floor will receive. Will a lot of people be in and out of the building? Will there be heavy machinery and vehicles? Flooring such as ceramic would crack under the pressure whereas high-grade PVC flooring allows for heavy weights.
  • Cleaning time and requirements – Some flooring types can get stained easily which means a lot of maintenance and cleaning is required and some sectors such as hospitals, need flooring that can be cleaned easily and regularly with chemicals. Think about the level and frequency of floor cleanliness that your business is going to need.
  • Health and safety – You have a duty to protect the public and employees alike. A key factor is slip rating; does your floor receive heavy foot traffic or could be prone to spillages? If so, you have a legal requirement to provide anti-slip flooring.
  • Company image – It’s easy enough to find a flooring option that is durable and meets all the legal requirements. However, flooring can have a massive impact on how a premise looks which will reflect on your company image. Think about what sort of design would match your brand; do you need something elegant and lavishing that will stand out? Or will plain and simple that blends in to the background suffice?

If you’re unsure, ask for a variety of flooring samples to help you decide which commercial flooring will be best for you. Here at Peter Newman Flooring, we have a team of design experts that can help you choose the perfect commercial flooring that matches all your needs and legal requirements. 

Contacting your Commercial Flooring Contractors

Whether you’re looking for cheap commercial flooring or an option that is more upmarket, Peter Newman Flooring has got all the possibilities you could ever need. To get in touch with us to use our design, supply or installation services, call us on 01202 672222 and we’ll assist you in any way that we can. 

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