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Are you looking for the best carpet fitters Poole has to offer you? Then look no further than Peter Newman Flooring; we can fit any type of flooring including carpets. Our fitters are all fully qualified, trained and experienced in their fields to ensure you get the best services possible. Call us on 01202 672222 for your free no obligation quote today.

Best Carpet Fitters Poole Can OfferCarpet Fitters Poole

Finding the right carpet for your home or commercial building is an important task that shouldn’t be taken lightly, as you’ll have your carpet for a long time. Peter Newman Flooring stocks carpets from world leading suppliers, ensuring you get the best quality. In addition to quality, we also stock an extensive range of carpets; whether you want bold, plain, or patterned carpets, Peter Newman Flooring can supply the perfect carpets for everyone. Moreover, Peter Newman Flooring can install the carpets in addition to stocking and supplying them. Fitting the carpets correctly is important, as you don’t want to have a corner loose causing trips or for your carpet to suffer greater wear and tear due to incorrect installation. Therefore, you need the best carpet fitters Poole can offer you, which Peter Newman Flooring can provide for you.

Why Choose Peter Newman Flooring?

Peter Newman Flooring believes we stand out from the rest of the other carpet fitters because of our outstanding customer care; we provide you with quality customer care from initial consultation, through to after sales. Our highly skilled staff and craftsmen can offer you impartial, honest advice on practical ability in addition to constructive ideas for all the flooring that you may need. This allows you to know that we won’t offer the most expensive services that wouldn’t be appropriate for your home; we only advise you on the most appropriate ways of achieving your desired flooring look. 

Our experts are always on hand to support you on and off-site, to ensure you are happy with the work being undertaken. We treat each customer as an individual; we tailor our approach to you and the job undertaken, as every individual has different needs. Therefore, if you need the best carpet fitters Poole has to offer you, come to Peter Newman Flooring

What Do We Offer at Peter Newman Flooring?

Peter Newman Flooring offers a measuring, estimating, planning and design quote completely free with no obligation! Our expert craftsmen will come to your property where you want your carpet fitted and will measure, plan, design then estimate a quote for you, without you feeling forced to choose us. However, we believe you will; Peter Newman Flooring offers extremely competitive prices all year round, without having to do sales and special deals because our prices are already the best.

We offer a professional flooring fitting to ensure all carpets are fitted and installed correctly. Additionally, all our carpets come with at least 12 months warranty. 

After your carpet has been fitted and the sale has gone through, our experts will still be helping you look after your carpets; we give you an aftercare package to ensure that your carpet is maintained to the highest standard. Additionally, we stock an extensive range of aftercare products at a low price for everything your flooring needs to remain looking new. Furthermore, we are backed by the Carpet Foundation and Office of Fair Trading to ensure you have a valid warranty on all the products you receive. 

Your carpet fitters Poole have a wide selection of products plus flooring on offer to ensure you find the carpet that you are looking for.

Contact Peter Newman Flooring

To get in contact with Peter Newman Flooring for the best carpet fitters Poole has to offer, call us on 01202 672222 to speak to one of our fully qualified carpet fitters. Additionally, we are available via email on where you can request a callback or more information on our products and services. We look forward to hearing from you soon to give you the best carpets and other flooring types.

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