Amtico Suppliers

Here at Peter Newman Flooring, we pride ourselves on being Amtico suppliers for customers in Poole, Dorset and surrounding areas. Because of this, we are sure to provide you with some of the best Amtico flooring tiles for your property! If you are looking for high-quality flooring solutions for your home, contact our expert team on 01202 672222 today!

Amtico Suppliers

With years of industry experience, we understand the importance of providing expert advice and great service to every one of our customers. That is why we are the area's Premier Tier 1 Retailer and are your go-to contractor when it comes to fitting Amtico flooring into your home!

What is Amtico Flooring?

Amtico flooring is made out of hard-wearing materials that have the ability to replicate the beauty of natural flooring options such as wood and stone. Whether you prefer more modern or contemporary designs, our Amtico flooring tiles can provide you with both style and practicality, making it the perfect choice for any home. We have a range of products in a variety of palettes and patterns. Check out how we can help bring your flooring vision to life!

Amtico Kitchen Flooring

Amtico flooring is extremely durable and can withstand many factors such as heat and moisture, making it the perfect option for kitchens and bathrooms. Due to its strong materials, Amtico flooring tiles can also hold out against high footfall areas. Because of this, our Amtico flooring is a great solution for retail shops and schools.

Amtico Flooring Dorset

Here at Peter Newman Flooring, we strive to provide our customers with only the best solutions to all their needs. Whether you are looking for Amtico kitchen flooring or want to learn more about our fittings and services, do not hesitate to contact our expert team on 01202 672222 today!

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