How to Fit Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood flooring can offer not just luxurious designs but practical features to any property. However, if not installed properly, hardwood flooring can be susceptible to expanding or contracting through time and will therefore require regular maintenance. This is dependent on the climate of your room but is preventable if you know how to fit a floor safe! 

Thorough preparation is a key aspect when it comes to creating a quality finish to your new hardwood flooring. Exact measurements and selecting the right hardwood floor for your property is essential if you want the final product to last a lifetime! 

Getting Ready 

Once you have found the right hardwood flooring for your home, it is an important step to make sure that you unpack the panels and leave in the room for up to a week in order for the hardwood to acclimatise. 

Hardwood flooring can be fitted both horizontally and vertically so it is a good idea to know which layout you would prefer before beginning the installation process. 

Before installation, it is important to make sure that the surface you are fitting your hardwood flooring to is level, smooth, clean and dry. Using a moisture metre device can help to detect if your underfloor is damp. If this is the case, the adhesive will struggle to bond properly and will affect the overall fitting of your hardwood floor. If you are fitting onto uneven surfaces, using a primer before the adhesive is recommended. 

How to Fit Solid Wood Flooring 

Once you have fully prepped the surface it is time to start placing down an even layer of adhesive. After this, you can begin carefully placing the hardwood flooring, making sure that each panel is straight whilst also allowing room for expansion. We recommend starting this process in the left-hand corner of the longest wall in your room. 

Whether you need to cut part of the panels to fit under doors or at the end of a row, make sure to measure accurately and take into account any expansion gaps before placing these down. 

Continue the fitting process until you have placed down all the hardwood flooring across your room. Allow about two hours for the adhesive to dry before walking or putting any pressure on the new surface. This timing could vary so make sure to double-check with the manufacturer first. 

Flooring in Bournemouth 

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