Flooring Dorset

If you’re looking for the best flooring Dorset has seen from the best flooring company that has a wide range of flooring options available at affordable prices, then you’re in the right place. Here at Peter Newman Flooring, we are flooring experts in Dorset that specialise in flooring solutions for both the commercial and domestic sectors with functionality and visual appearance in mind. For more information or advice on your flooring, please do not hesitate to call us on 01202 672222.

Choosing your Flooring in Dorset

Flooring Dorset

With so many flooring options to choose from, deciding on your flooring can feel like an impossible task and it’s not just about the best-looking flooring, you’ve got to consider factors such as pets, children, location, durability, maintenance, costs and more. With our help, we hope to make the process a little easier to ensure that you go away with the best flooring Dorset has to offer you for your exact needs and wants. 

Where is your Flooring Going to be Installed?

Firstly, you need to know where your flooring is going to be installed as location can significantly affect your flooring choice. If the flooring is going to be laid in a bathroom or another room where moisture levels are going to be high, then you need a flooring such as concrete, ceramic or vinyl that is suited for high moisture levels. Whereas, if you’re looking at new flooring for your bedroom, then you want a flooring that is comfortable, such as carpet.

Do you Need Special Durable Floor?

Flooring in Dorset

Do you have influencing factors that you need to consider such as pets, children or safety requirements that need to be met? If you have pets or children, you need flooring that offers superior wear resistance such as ceramic, porcelain or laminate. As your best flooring Dorset company, we can recommend flooring that is appropriate for your needs and even provide a range of high-grade safety flooring for commercial premises. 

What is your Budget?

As with any renovation in your home or commercial premise, your budget greatly influences your choice of flooring. Here at Peter Newman Flooring, we have a range of budget-friendly and luxury flooring options available. For flooring that is suitable for low budgets, you can have bargain laminate flooring, vinyl or porcelain tile whereas, if budget isn’t a factor, you’ve got LVT’s, premium laminates and exotic hardwoods to choose from. 

Here at Peter Newman Flooring, we can provide the best prices for flooring in Dorset all year round without the need for special sales.

What is your Décor?

Dorset Flooring

Your furniture plays a vital part in your flooring choice. If you have dark coloured furniture, then a light-coloured floor would help it stand out and vice versa for light coloured furniture. We have some incredible design experts with us at Peter Newman Flooring, therefore, we can help you decide a flooring that complements your style and décor. 

Do you want Easy Maintenance Flooring?

As with many features of a building, flooring needs maintenance and how regular, is dependent on the flooring type in place. For a range of great low-maintenance flooring, you could choose from vinyl, ceramic, laminates, tiles and more. The flooring types that offer more visual appeal such as carpets and hardwoods tend to need a little more maintenance than others in order to keep the flooring looking and working at its best, but they make up for it with their gorgeous appearance. 

Do you want to Install the Flooring Yourself?

Many flooring suppliers won’t offer installation as part of their flooring Dorset services but can get you in contact with some local installers that can. Because of this, many people opt to install the flooring themselves as it can seem easier and be the cheaper option. If you’re determined to install the flooring yourself and aren’t a professional, then you should consider flooring options that offer easier installation such as laminate and vinyl; popular lounge and bedroom choices such as hardwood and carpets are harder to install and should be installed by an expert craftsman. 

Here at Peter Newman Flooring, we are not only your flooring retailers but can provide you with the complete flooring Dorset package that includes estimating and measuring, design, supply, installation and after sales care and maintenance.

Getting your Dorset Flooring

You might know the exact flooring that you desire or are still no closer to making a decision. By visiting Peter Newman Flooring or one of our showrooms, our experts can help you decide on a complete flooring solution in addition to providing a free quote with no obligation. If you’re unable to get to our Dorset showroom, one of our experts can come to you with a range of flooring options for you to choose from. If you need any further assistance, call us on 01202 672222; we look forward to hearing from you.

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