Electric Underfloor Heating Installation Dorset

Here at Peter Newman Flooring, we can provide you with the best electric underfloor heating installation Dorset has to offer. We are based in Poole, Dorset but provide our services UK wide. We specialise in the installation of electric underfloor heating systems with our flooring experts and we even have electricians on hand to provide full installation of the wiring. Give us a call on 01202 672222 to book an appointment for your underfloor heating installation.

How do we Complete Electric Underfloor Heating Installation in Dorset?

Here at Peter Newman Flooring, we specialise in the installation of electric underfloor heating over wet underfloor heating systems.  When we perform the installation, we will generally lay the electric underfloor heating on an insulation board; this is to reduce the heat loss through the floor underneath the electric underfloor heating system. We will lay this insulation board typically over concrete or timber which is then coated with a flexible self-levelling compound which will encapsulate the electric heating mat in addition to the cables and wiring. After all this has taken place, we can lay the flooring type of your choice to complete the electric underfloor heating installation Dorset.

What is Electric Underfloor Heating?

Electric underfloor heating is a heating system that is installed underneath your flooring. A series of wires or cables are laid in loops underneath the floor which are powered by electricity. These cables and wires then heat up from the electricity and the heat rises upwards into the room and is distributed evenly.

When Peter Newman Flooring provides you with electric underfloor heating installation in Dorset, you are getting access to low-profile electric underfloor heating mats. Low-profile mats won’t raise the level of your flooring; therefore, it won’t interfere with the overall finish of your home. 

How Much Does Electric Underfloor Heating Cost?

The overall cost of underfloor heating depends on many factors such as:Electric Underfloor Heating Installation Dorset

  • Size of the electric underfloor heating mat.
  • Level of underfloor heating insulation that is present.
  • The floor finish resistance.
  • Running temperatures of the electric heating mat.

Because underfloor heating provides radiant, even temperatures throughout a room, you won’t need to have high temperatures to receive your optimum room temperature. If you have the right insulation in place and have the heating on at the recommended temperatures, then having electric underfloor heating installed will lower your bills slightly over traditional heating methods.

Why Should You Get Electric Underfloor Heating Installation in Dorset?

Peter Newman Flooring can provide you with the best electric underfloor heating installation Dorset has available to give you access to a heating system that:

  • Can lower your heating bills and increase your energy efficiency rating if used correctly.
  • Gives you radiant, even heating throughout a room where there are no hot or cold spots, unlike traditional radiator heating systems.
  • Is effortless to run; you don’t need to worry about spending lots of money or time to maintain your electric underfloor heating system as once it’s installed, it can look after itself for many years.
  • Works with all floor coverings; unlike wet underfloor heating systems, electric systems are versatile and can be installed underneath almost any flooring type of your choice.
  • Gives you more space and design freedom. Radiators can be very bulky and can interfere with the design of your home as you may not be able to place furniture where you would like as you need to consider the positioning of the radiators. Radiators can also look unsightly and lower the overall décor of a home. With electric underfloor heating, you don’t need to worry about any of this as the heating system is underneath the floor and you won’t have the need for any radiators. 
  • Give you separate heating for each room; each room can have a different temperature setting with a thermostat installed.

Once you have electric underfloor heating installed within your home, you would never want to have a different heating system.

Getting Your Electric Underfloor Heating System Installed in Dorset

If you want the best installer of electric underfloor heating within Dorset, call Peter Newman Flooring on 01202 672222. Our flooring specialists combined with expert electricians will ensure that you receive the best electric underfloor heating installation Dorset and the UK can provide you with. 

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