Carpets Salisbury

Carpets are a fantastic addition to any domestic or commercial building and if you want the best carpets Salisbury can offer you, then you’re in luck. Here at Peter Newman Flooring, we only supply carpets to Salisbury from world-leading brands such as Brintons, Karndean and Westex. We offer design, supply and installation services across the UK. For any more information on our products and services, call us on 01202 672222.


Our Carpets for Salisbury

Even though Peter Newman Flooring isn’t based in Salisbury, we can still offer the best carpets Salisbury has to offer with our fantastic range of world-leading carpet brands as we believe in nothing less than world-class for all carpet customers regardless of location. These carpets are offered at affordable prices in a range of styles, textures and fibres.

Our bespoke carpet services ensures that you will receive the highest quality products with helpful, friendly advice and an exceptional fitting service.


Carpet Installation in Salisbury

Carpets Salisbury

Are you worried about buying your carpets from our Poole showroom but having to find an installer in Salisbury to install your carpets for you? Then not to worry! Our team of expert craftsmen are happy to install UK wide; where our carpets go, we go.

During the installation, the carpets and your flooring will not be damaged, and the installed carpets will look as flawless as they did in our showroom. You can guarantee that our carpets will be long-lasting with the correct installation from fully qualified and experienced craftsmen; your carpets won’t be peeling up at the corners.


Carpet Designs

Carpets are a great choice as they provide warmth, softness and are quieter than any other flooring type. If you’re looking for carpets for your domestic or commercial property, then you won’t see a better collection than ours. If it’s your first time buying carpets, it can be hard to decide which carpets are best for you with so many options available; Peter Newman Flooring has a team of experts that can help you make the right decision with our carpets Salisbury services. We will listen to your carpet requirements and think about suitability based on where your carpets are going in addition to what you want your carpets to achieve style wise in contrast to your furniture. After discussing your requirements with you, we will present a selection of carpets for you to choose from. You won’t be disappointed as our experts know the latest trends and how to make your property look gorgeous.


When are Carpets Suitable?

Carpets are a great choice for many properties and will flourish in bedrooms and living rooms. Most time is spent in bedrooms and living rooms and these rooms are designed with comfort in mind to provide relaxation; carpets can help create a comfortable environment that creates a cosy and homely atmosphere. They can be a welcome addition to hallways and stairs and many commercial properties. However, you need to think about factors such as, do you have pets or children? Are the areas likely to receive lots of foot traffic with muddy stains? If you desire carpets in Salisbury but are worried about the wear and tear damage, then there are options available to you.


Hard-Wearing Carpets in Salisbury

For areas that need a more resilient carpet, there are plenty of options available to you. Heavy duty carpets will have a higher stitch grade which will ensure that the carpet does not crush down excessively with high traffic. Good carpets for these situations include polyamide and polypropylene. The fibres on these carpets are both man-made and are designed to spring back into shape easily after the weight has been removed. Additionally, if a stain were to occur, you can safely use a bleach mix to remove tough stains to ensure that your carpets remain looking lavish.

Let us know if you’re looking for hard-wearing carpets; there are plenty of hard-wearing carpets that look great, so you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for practicality.


Receiving your Carpets in Salisbury

To get the best carpets Salisbury has to offer, look no further than Peter Newman Flooring. We can ensure that you receive the best carpets, design, installation and after-care services within Salisbury. Visit our Poole showroom or call 01202672222 to receive the best carpets Salisbury services.

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