Carpets in Poole

Whether you are renovating your home or building or creating a new build, carpets are always a good choice for your flooring. Wherever you live in the UK, our carpets in Poole are the best to choose from because they are supplied from world leading brands, are affordable and long lasting to give you flooring that you can be proud of. Give us a call on 01202 672222 to arrange a private viewing on our carpets.

Our Carpets in Poole

Peter Newman Flooring have a showroom in Poole that showcases a vast range of carpets, supplied from only the world's leading brands. With a full selection of colours, patterns, brands and types of carpets in Poole, we guarantee to meet all our customers needs!

How to Choose The Right Carpet

Carpets in Poole

Knowing that you want carpet for a room is different from knowing which carpet you should choose. So, how do you go about choosing the right carpets in Poole for you?

  • Ask yourself if you want your carpet to stand out or whether you want it for the advantages that it gives you. If you want people to notice your carpet, you should pick bold, patterned colours to make the carpet seem like a furnishing itself. However, if you want it to blend into the background and just provide you with comfort, you should pick neutral earth tones, such as beiges and greys.
  • Furniture also plays a role in picking the right carpet. Making your furniture attention-grabbing is always a plus, especially if you’ve got furniture that you’re proud of. If your furniture mainly consists of dark colours, then having a light-coloured carpet will make your furniture stand out. The same can be said for the reverse situation; if your furniture is light, pastel colours then a dark toned carpet will bring your furniture to attention.
  • Having pets or children are factors that should affect what type of carpet you choose. Both pets and children are likely to create stains and spillages on a carpet, therefore, it is unwise to have light coloured carpets as the stains would be more prominent.
  • You should consider where your carpets in Poole is being placed. If it’s carpet for the lounge, stairs or commercial building then it is likely to receive high traffic, therefore, it needs to be a certain texture to resist wear and tear. You should test the thickness and fibres; when you squeeze it between your fingers does it feel thick and spring back quickly? If there is little space between the fibres, feels thick and has a good spring to it, then it is a good choice of carpet for high traffic areas.

Different Types of Poole Carpets

Now you’ve got a good idea what your carpet should look and feel like, you need to decide what type of Poole carpets you should get:

  • Wool Carpets – Durable, soft, beautiful and natural; these carpets are the high range carpets for all-round quality with a high budget.
  • Polypropylene Carpets – Man-made, hard wearing and stain resistant; the perfect choice for high traffic area or in households with pets or children.
  • Polyamide – Stain resistant, durable and known for producing high quality, bold colours; the perfect choice if you’re looking for a vibrant carpet.
  • Polyester – Aimed to mimic wool but is manmade instead. Often used combined with wool and gives the same benefits but as it is man-made, it can bring the price down slightly.

Getting Your Carpets in Poole

If you still don’t know what kind of carpet is best for you, then our team of experts at Peter Newman Flooring can help you choose the perfect carpet. Not only can we provide the best Poole carpets, but we can provide the best pricing available; we will give you a free no obligation quote on the full scope of the carpets you would like fitted. Get your carpets today by calling us on 01202 672222.

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