When you choose a hardwood floor you are investing in natural and lasting value for you and your family. A hardwood floor gives you health, durability and a unique identity as no two hardwood floors are alike. No man made product can imitate the unique ambience and charm hardwood flooring Poole.

A hardwood floor is perhaps the most visually and practically important aspect of your home, by choosing a hardwood floor you are ensuring that you get the optimum material for both visual and practical impact. Offering incomparable quality, durability and elegance, it comes in a wide range of styles, sizes and finishes to meet every budget and is a perfect addition to any home - maturing with age and becoming more beautiful over the years.

There are various other benefits of having a hardwood floor opposed to softwood such as:

1. A sturdy long term investment - Choosing to have hardwood flooring can actually increase the value of your property. It is seen as a promising long-term investment which can sometimes hold as a strong resale argument.

2. Better Acoustics - A hardwood floor that been correctly installed will not give you any hollow sounds or vibrations

3. Simple to clean - Due to the nature of hardwood floors they are relatively easy to maintain and clean as they do not pick up a lot of dirt or dust. A simple and quick weekly clean will only involve vacuuming, mopping, and drying.

4. Safer indoor environment - As hardwood flooring has no fibres or embossing that helps trap dirt, dust and allergens the general environment inside your house will be a lot more tolerable for allergy sufferers.

We offer a comprehensive range of hardwood flooring from premium quality natural unfinished raw materials that are installed sanded and finished with lacquers, oils, wax’s, stains etc. to your individual bespoke requirements to pre-finished solid, engineered and laminated constructions both in single plank and block form from the world’s leading producers.

We are the area’s leading approved supplier & installers of Kahrs, Ted Todd, and Junckers flooring and also supply many others including Woodpecker, Boen, Karelia, Atkinson and Kirby and Havwoods. We also offer a specialist service in the sanding, refurbishment and renovation of existing hardwood and softwood floors.

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