We are able to supply and install almost all carpets Bournemouth and natural floor coverings available in the U.K. marketplace and are agents for manufacturers such as Wilton Carpet Factory, Brintons, Ryalux, Westex, Penthouse, Gaskells, Axminsters, Georgian, Cormar, Victoria, Lano, Crucial Trading and Alternative Flooring plus many more.

Tips On Choosing The Correct Carpet:

There is no doubt that carpets offer homeowners more warmth, softness and are much quieter than any other floor coverings. Today's carpet styles, colours and textures, blend well with any home décor and with a variety of other flooring products. From traditional to formal to country you will always be able to find a carpet that will suit and enrich any interior setting.

Decorating with carpet can be simple once you know the basics. Do you want your carpet to be a subtle background or the centre of attention? If it's a subtle background that you require then stay in the neutral colour families such as earth tones, beiges, greys etc. If you want your carpet to stand out or make a statement then it may be a striking colour you require or a bold pattern.

There are noticeable advantages of having carpet installed over hardwood flooring, such as:

1. Carpet provides you with insulation - When choosing a quality carpet and padding, it can, in fact, provide you with an R-value of 2.5. If you are a homeowner who is looking to save money where possible then the additional insulation provided could potentially mean your energy bills will be significantly lower.

2. Carpets are more affordable - Although some may argue hardwood is cheaper than a carpet in the long run, this might well be true but it takes many decades of living in the same property for this to be true.

3. Carpets are a lot softer than hardwood flooring - If you spend a lot of time on your feet or have a medical condition that affects the way you stand up then you might want to consider having carpet installed as it is noticeably softer and easier going on your back, legs and feet.

4. Carpets are quieter than hardwood flooring - Quite obviously wood is noisy, walking across it can sometimes provide quite a loud noise that echoes throughout the room. If you have any pets then you could potentially have a lot of background noise pollution throughout the day.

Your furniture will also play an important part in your colour selection. If your furniture is dark then you will probably want to choose a light colour so that the furniture stands out. If you have light coloured furniture then you would reverse this process. Your lifestyle is also an important factor. If you have children, pets, etc. you will probably want to stay clear of the lighter coloured carpets. With these sort of living conditions your carpet will most certainly be difficult to keep clean regardless of any warranties or stain inhibiting treatments.

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